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Here is what participants are saying...

Mike S.

When they say prepare to be unprepared…they mean it. I was ready for every physical obstacle they could throw at me, unfortunately they weren’t normal obstacles. Mental toughness is probably the biggest obstacle that I encountered and it really taught me a lot about myself. Awesome experience.

Phillip A.

One of the coolest events I have ever done. VERY well produced and executed. The War X staff put on a first rate event that pierced the thin veil of comfort which we all wrap around ourselves and provided a glimpse of the harsher side of reality we like to pretend isnt there. I learned things about my teammates (whom i didn’t know before i got there) and things about myself that I could never have known otherwise.

Chad R.

Extremely amazing setup. i absolutely loved the challenges man made and natural (maybe not the ground bee nest) the objectives changed according to our speed, ability to work as a team, and daylight. I plan on attending another one of these as soon as i can. You can see the effort and love everyone put into getting this set up. It was definitely easy to tell that it wasn’t just slapped together.

Bobby S.

This experience was based on a very realistic scenario. I had such a humbling experience. Finishing this course is much easier said than done. It will test you physically and mentally. This race will find your grit and test you to the limits. Would recommend for anyone to step up and see what your made of. #warx #killercourse

The 2018 War-X Obstacle Course Race Campaign


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