WAR-X Race Campaign

Run an Obstacle Course Race Through the Woods While War Rages Around You!



Almost every obstacle course and mud run in the country has had military and veterans recreate obstacles and challenges. War-X has taken that model, added unique elements and elevated it to a next level experience. Welcome to War-Xperience Racing! Obstacle Course Racing in the middle of a War Zone! We are dedicated to creating the most realistic and exciting experience available to civilians. While battles rage all around you, you’ll tackle obstacles, heroic challenges, dense smoke screens, propaganda, air raid sirens, and explosions. These are just some of the things you may encounter during a War-X event. You may find certain obstacles that mimic actual historic battles and events. The course sets on 1,115 acres of rugged, privately owned terrain, allowing us the ability to create an extraordinary, adrenaline-filled war experience unlike any other race out there. Experience the difference and adrenaline of War-X racing!



The 2018 War-X Obstacle Course Race Campaign is comprised of 3 races throughout the year.


Arctic Fever – 1/13
Jungle Ops – 5/5
BlackOut – 7/14


Each race is individual by nature and will include awards, t-shirts and a special campaign tag. Complete all 3 races in a single year to win the awesome and coveted War-X Campaign Medal!



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